110 Reasons We're
Blushing With Pride
The Viking Limited Edition Series. There’s Nothing Style-ish About It. It’s Radically Chic. That’s Why We’re Only Producing 110 Of Them.
Proud is an understatement. We couldn’t be more pleased to introduce you to our Limited Edition Series. It’s more than a new line. It’s a vision—the start of a new era for Viking, one that puts form and function front and center. We’re taking the acclaimed craftsmanship Viking is known for and pairing it with expert design to create a range like no other. It’s not merely stylish; it’s confidently, radically chic. It’s just the sort of range made for style mavens like you.

Limited Edition

Unlimited Attention

Expectations are always evolving for a typical home culinary experience. Here at Viking, we pay close attention to these trends and find innovative ways to deliver an experience that wows.

A few years ago, our team tested a concept range for a product show, a range that was designed in matte black. That range was so well received we immediately began research on materials and construction for a future production run. But this concept range birthed something else: a vision for a new Viking line that met the growing trend in home design that placed the kitchen in the spotlight.

The result is the Viking Limited Edition Series, in which we pair the Viking craftsmanship we’re known for in our industry with the artistry interior designers are known for in their industry. It’s more than a program. It’s a vision—the start of a new era for Viking, one that puts form and function front and center.

As Bold & Unique

As You Are

The kitchen is often called the heart of the home—which is all the more reason it should reflect the one-of-a-kind style that defines you. Viking’s new Limited Edition Series delivers with a trendy yet timeless styled range that slides right in to your classic, contemporary kitchen. The matte black finish with copper-toned rose gold accents makes just the right statement—a bold elegance. We’ve created a look that is runway worthy and unique—that’s why our Limited Edition Series ranges have a production run of just 110 units. Each one will have its personal edition number tastefully etched on the control panel. With a Limited Edition range from Viking, you’ll have a kitchen that will always be uniquely your own.

We Are Just

Getting Started

While this year’s Cast Black + Rose Gold Limited Edition range is truly spectacular, it’s just the start. Each year we will roll out a new custom designed range for our Limited Edition Series. That means more artistic flair, more innovative design, more wow.